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Master Clock NTP Referenced 1¾” Rack Mount with NPR Option


The ES-188 is an NTP referenced Master Clock and Time Code Generator. It displays nine digits (Day of Year, Hour, Minute & Second) of time as received via a user selected NTP server. Simultaneously, the ES-188 generates several types of time code (ESE-TC89, ESE-TC90, USB, RS232C/ASCII, SMPTE/EBU and IRIG-B) and a 1PPS signal. These outputs allow the ES-188 to easily interface with new or existing computers, automation and clock systems.

Software supplied with the ES-188 permits users to continuously update a computer’s Windows® clock to the time available on the USB port. Other features allow the user to select SMPTE mode (DF, NDF, EBU & Real Time), offset the Time Zone displayed and output by the ES-188 and advance or delay the time output for various synchronizing purposes. 
NPR option included.

Main Features:
• ESE, USB, ASCII (RS-232C), SMPTE/EBU & IRIG-B Time Code Outputs
• NTP Ethernet Port
• Automatic or Manual Daylight Saving Time Correction
• NTP Update Output
• 1 PPS Output
• USB Set-up Interface & Software
• 4-Hour Battery Back-Up
• NTP Sync Indicator
• 9-Digit .56” LED Display
• Optional DC Operation for Field and Ground Mobile Applications
• Rugged Rack Mount Enclosure
• Time Advance/Retard Feature for Synchronization Purposes (+/- 15 sec)
• Time Zone Offset
• Additional display sizes & enclosures available as well as other various options, please contact us for further details

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