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Ramp Generator


The ST-RG1 is a digitally generated 0 to 10 volt Ramp Generator which provides the ideal interface for audio volume control from multiple points with the ST-VCA3. Any number of Up and Down buttons may be connected to the ST-RG1. Sufficient drive is provided from the ST-RG1 to control up to six ST-VCA3s.

PS24AS power supply sold separately.

• Control Inputs:1 to ramp up, 1 to ramp down
• Input Logic:External closure pulls normally low input to +15 Vdc to activate UP or DOWNfunction
• Indicator
• Outputs:1 to drive red LED (partial to fully OFF)
• 1 to drive green LED (partial to fully ON)
• LED Output Current:0 to 3 mA (to drive low current, high intensity LEDs)
• Ramp Output:0 to 10 volts nominal, (typical < 0.1 V to > 9.8 V under ST-VCA3 load)
• Minimum Step:200 mV nominal
• Ramp Time:5 seconds nominal (fully off to fully on; or fully on to fully off)
• Power Requirement:GROUND-REFERENCED, 24 Vdc @ 40 mA
• Ambient Operating Environment:0° C to 55° C

RDL ST-RG1 Figure 1

RDL ST-RG1 Figure 2

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