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OC White 61900BG

Proboom Elite Mic Arm and Riser - Black & Gold



The OC White 61900-BG ProBoom Elite mic boom is extremely well built to hold any studio mic quietly in position, and is designed to hide the microphone wire and improve appearance in the studio. The microphone wire is hidden for most of the length of the arm by an exclusive wire channel with a full-length top cap for quick and easy mic wire installation. A new 15" riser designed to fit behind VGA and nearfield monitors provides an invisible vertical wire channel, which is prewired to an XLR female imbedded at the top (set-screw removable). Three feet of pigtail extends unterminated from the rubber-cushioned base for the user to wire as needed, through dual wire exits (side or bottom) for flexible, clean installation. Only premium-quality, highly elastic soft gold-plate music wire springs are used on the 61900-BG. Unlike ordinary mic arms with brittle steel springs that will ‘crackle' and twang when adjusted, O.C. White microphone arms are silent in motion, engineered for the specific needs of broadcast professionals.

Choose one of the options to the right for temporary table clamp mounting or wall mounting applications.

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