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OC White ULP-3RT-13

(3) Ultima® Gen2 Ultra Low Profile Adjustable Mic Booms with (3) 12” fixed horizontal arm for Roundt


The ProBoom® Ultima® Gen2 Three Arm Roundtable Special provides broadcast professionals with the ideal configuration for on-air conversations. Hugging the tabletop, the microphones can be positioned easily and exactly, without creating the visual clutter found in some studios. Instead of looking through a forest of mic arms and cabling, on-air professionals can see each other directly and conduct their discussions and interviews naturally. As with all Ultima® products, the modular design makes expansion a snap.

Main Features:
• Three ProBoom® Ultima® Gen2 LP Adjustable Mic Booms
• Three 12” fixed horizontal arms for roundtable installation
• 1-5lb. weight rating
• Black finish
• Includes all necessary tools for adjustment and installation
• 18” Vertical Modular Clamp/Bolt Through Riser Assembly included
• 5 Year Mechanical Warranty

• Shipping Weight: 30 lbs
• Product Line: ProBoom®
• Reach: 29" Reach

*Not Compatible with First Generation of Ultima® Products*

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