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ProCo Sound AQ10

Ameriquad Cable 10ft XLRM/XLRF


ProCo Sound AQ10In Stock
ProCo Sound AQ10ProCo Sound AQ10
AmeriQuad microphone cables feature hum-bucking bi-wire geometry for superior low-noise performance (20 dB of additional noise reduction compared to 2-wire configurations) and deliver crisp, clean, reliable sound.

Main Features:

• Studio reference mic cable with quad construction for great reliability
• Neutrik® NC3FX/MX-B Gold Contact, Black Shell XLR Connectors
• 4 x 24 AWG Pro Co 424B "AMERIQUAD" Wire in an assortment of colors
• 96% Coverage Copper Braid Shield
• Minimum RFI/EMI, Maximum Hum Cancellation
• Colored Connector Boots are Available
• Bullet proof kevlar reinforced core
• 20 Year Warranty

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