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Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z

Single Channel phantom powered mic activator/pre, variable impedance, high pass filter & gain pad


Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z
Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-ZCloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-Z

Maximize Your Mic Signal for Stage or Studio! Optimize any dynamic or ribbon microphone in your locker with the Cloud Microphones CL-Z mic activator!

The Cloud Microphones CL-Z mic activator uses phantom power from your preamp to solve an array of common issues with dynamic and ribbon microphones while maximizing your signal’s quality, making it a must-have box for your studio or live toolset. It’s designed to be a middleman between your mic and preamp, maximizing signal quality while driving long cable runs. The direct-coupled, discrete JFET circuitry preserves your signal’s integrity while the CL-Z goes to work. You get control over the input impedance to get the best out of any mic, and a variable output level (+12 to +24dB) so you can drive even the longest cable runs with ease. You even get a variable low-cut filter to clean up your signal before it ever graces your preamp. Whether you run live sound or just use a variety mics on a daily basis in your studio, you’ll love working with the CL-Z mic activator!

Variable input impedance:
The Cloud Microphones CL-Z mic activator’s input features variable impedance from 150 to 15k ohms. Since every microphone is different, and typically sound best at a specific input impedance, you can tailor the CL-Z to any mic to get the best performance. And even if your preamp features variable impedance, the CL-Z lets you control this near your mic – great if your mic pres are across the room, let alone across a crowded venue!

Hot but clean output:  

Sometimes you need a little extra juice to get a quality mic signal to your preamp, especially with long cable runs. The Cloud Microphones CL-Z mic activator makes it easy, adding 12 to 24dB of gain to your signal, while the premium circuitry passes your audio un-colored. It’s great for low-output ribbon and dynamic mics in your studio, and it’s awesome at driving long cable runs from the stage to the board in live sound settings.

Pre-preamp control and flexibility:

The CL-Z from Cloud Microphones is placed between your mic and preamp, giving you access to the additional gain and variable low-cut filter on the CL-Z. In your studio, that makes it easy to optimize your signal before it hits your preamp. Sure, your preamp may have a filter, and maybe even variable impedance – but it’s across the room, maybe even in another room. The CL-Z lets you dial the filter in and maximize your signal for a long cable run, meaning you’ll be hitting your favorite preamp with the best signal possible.

Main features:
• Excellent way to maximize your microphone’s signal quality, with problem-solving features and impeccable sonic quality
• Get the best sound possible out of any mic with the variable input impedance
• Low-cut filter is variable from 20Hz-250Hz to cut out unwanted low end, optimizing your signal before it ever hits your preamp
• Great way to transparently increase the output of ribbon and dynamic mics
• Rugged steel enclosure for excellent shielding and rock-solid reliability
• Requires +48V phantom power from your preamp

• Channels 1
• Inputs 1 x XLR
• Outputs 1 x XLR

Like all Cloud Microphones products, the Cloudlifter™ Mic Activator™ series is handcrafted using environmentally friendly methods, entirely in the USA.

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