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Ultimate Support PRO-R-T-T

Package - Tripod base/telescoping boom, standard height, .875in tubing, fold up legs



The Tripod Stands in the Pro Series R line of mic stands feature our new mechanism that allows the tripod legs to fold upward for quick and easy storage, while the locking base mechanism allows you to confidently lock them in place while in use, as well as for greater protection in transit. The base and locking mechanism are made from a durable, lightweight, reinforced plastic. All Pro Series R stands use our lighter weight MC-05 shaft design. The 22mm thick steel tubing and reduced weight shaft design make for stands that are easy to haul around, while still offering the durability and style you expect from Ultimate Support. The weighted base mic stands have been reduced in weight, and also feature a classic round shape.

The same goes for the stackable base stands, which are also compatible with other stackable Ultimate Support stand models. Additionally, we’ve removed the Universal Mic Adapter Threading and returned to a standard 5/8" threading design.

Main Features:
• Mic tubing is steel, powder-coated & .87" in diameter
• Mic shaft is interchangeable with all Pro Series R mic bases
• Mic clutch takes a quarter turn to adjust
• Mic tripod legs can lock in open or closed position
• Reinforced Plastic Tripod Base
• Telescoping mic boom tilts, pans, rotates, retracts and extends with one touch adjustment.
• Adjusting telescoping arm is easy with the quick release lever

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