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Audio Technica AT8202

Inline Attenuator


Audio Technica AT8202
Audio Technica AT8202 Figure 1The Audio-Technica AT8202 Adjustable In-line Attenuator is designed to prevent balanced low-impedance microphones from overloading electronics having low- to mid-impedance inputs in high-SPL applications.

The adjustable attenuator is designed to assure the proper match of the microphone to the inputs of mixing consoles and portable recording devices without experiencing input overload of the electronics due to high-level signals. The AT8202 is compatible for use in phantom power applications.3

Audio-Technica AT8202 Features:
• Prevents overload of sensitive input stages
• Provides -10 dB, -20 dB or -30 dB attenuation
• Compatible for use in phantom power applications
• Durable steel case provides optimum shielding from hum
• For use with balanced Lo-Z microphones
• Can be plugged directly into an XLRF-type chassis-mount connector

Audio Technica AT8202 Figure 2

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