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K and M 19712

iPad 2 Mic Stand Mount

BSW PART: 19712

K&M 19712
A clever way to show off your iPad 2. The new mount is guaranteed to hold the iPad 2 effectively and safely. For use on stage, in the rehearsal room or at home - the 5/8" internal thread means the holder can be attached to any microphone stand easily and quickly.

The iPad 2 is clipped in and out of the holder effortlessly. An easy-to-use wing nut adjusts the tilt so the user can easily find a position to suit them. The iPad 2 switches rapidly between the vertical and horizontal format without slipping.

Special features: to be screwed on to 3/8" threaded bolts; iPad is easily clipped into the holder; dock-connector and headphone jack are accessible; freely rotates 90°; suitable for iPad 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation


• Bearing plate:9.925 x 7.693"
• Material:plastic
• Max. load capacity:1.652 lbs
• Suitable for:5/8" thread
• Swivel:90 ºType:black 5/8"

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