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ProCo Sound CDPB

Two Channel Mic Feed Switch (Panicbutton)


Pro Co Sound has introduced six new models of their legendary Cough Drop microphone mute button. These new designs add more features and more versatility.

The Panic Button is designed for live entertainers on stage to switch their microphone signal from Output A (Front of House normal operation) to Output B so they can contact their personal roadie or monitor mixer with emergency calls for help (broken string, dead battery, spilled drink). Channel B can act as a microphone mute, although the roadie or monitor mixer can hear the cough. Also, phantom power from the FOH mixer powers both channels when condenser microphones are being used, and there is no “pop” switching between channels. If the battery in the Panic Button dies, the circuit automatically reverts to Channel A. The Panic Button features and A/B switch, status indicator light and AC power supply. Anyone doing live audio should have one. BSW has the lowest price!

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