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ProCo Sound CDSO

Latching Mic Mute Switch (Signoff)


Pro Co Sound has introduced six new models of their legendary Cough Drop microphone mute button. These new designs add more features and more versatility.

The Sign Off represents a name change for the original Pro Co Cough Drop L version, a passive latching microphone-muting switch (press to mute, press again to unmute). To operate, your microphone cable is plugged into the Sign Off and the Sign Off is plugged into the sound system. If you have to cough or clear your throat, you step on the Sign Off to mute the microphone's signal. Pressing the switch again unmutes the microphone and resumes regular communication with the audience. Designed especially for singing drummers, the Sign Off will work well for any entertainer who needs a latching rather than a momentary microphone mute. The Sign Off has a selection switch for dynamic or condenser microphones. Anyone doing live audio should have one. BSW has the lowest price!

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