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Rolls MM11P

Pro Switchable Mic Mute Switch


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The MM11 Pro MicMute is a simple device designed to temporarily mute or talk a balanced XLR signal. Very similar to the MM11, but the \"PRO\" version has push to talk or push to mute switch that allows to unit to do just that. The MM11 Pro will pass phantom power, with no popping on the outputs when switched. Simply press the switch for muting (or talking) and release to hear the signal again (or to mute). The MM11 has a large actuator switch which may be used by hand, or on the floor with your foot.

Main Features:
• Switchable push to talk or push to mute function
• Passes Phantom Power
• Lowers the mic signal about 60 dB
• Sets on a podium or mounts to a Rolls MSC106 Mic Stand Clamp in the event the MM11 is to be used by hand.
• .090 inch steel chassis
• No popping on the outputs when switched

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