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Shure A15HP

High Pass Filter


Shure A15HP
Shure A15HP Figure 1Let the bad times roll (off).

This high pass filter rolls off low audio frequencies to reduce 60 Hz electrical hum, low-frequency wind noise, air conditioner noise and stand or floor transmitted low-frequency vibrations.

When loaded with a low-impedance microphone input (800 ohms or more), the rolloff is 12 dBs per octave below 100 Hz. When loaded with 150 ohms, the rolloff is 3 dBs at 100 Hz. The output is flat above the rolloff point (with a maximum loss of 0.5 decibels at 1 kHz).

• Frequency Response: Flat above rolloff point; -0.5 dB maximum at 1 kHz
• Impedance: Designed for 150 ohm rated microphones and inputs
• Distortion: 2.5% maximum (100 mV input, open circuit output)
• Connectors: Input: 3-socket XLR connector; Output: 3-pin XLR connector
• Case: Full magnetic shield, steel with gray enamel finish
• Dimensions: 19 mm (3/4 in.) diameter; 114 mm (4 1/2 in.) long

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