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Chandler MRM-EX

Rackmount Mixer 16 Ch Expander


With this kind of expansion, the sun will never set on your mixing empire.

This 16-channel expander will transform your Chandler Mini Rack Mixer (#MRM) into a 32-channel powerhouse. Boasting the same vintage vibe, along with the same 20 discrete amplifiers and 22 custom-wound transformers as the MRM, the MRM-EX has what it takes to boost your mixing into the stratosphere.

The MRM-EX requires the Chandler PSU2 power supply (sold separately) to operate.

Main Features:
• Turns the Chandler Mini Rack Mixer into a 32-Channel monster
• Serious punch and tone
• 16 transformer-balanced channels
• 20 discrete amplifiers
• 22 custom-wound transformers

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