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Yamaha AVY16-ES100

Auvitran 16-channel EtherSound™ Network I/O card


The Yamaha (by AuviTran) AVY16-ES100 card for Yamaha mixers provides two ES100 In/Out ports, a RS232 connector, a ES100 Third port and mini- YGDAI interface for both very-low latency audio and data transmission. Up to 64 audio input and 64 audio output channels can be transmitted to or sent from a Yamaha mixer to any other EtherSound compatible device, over regular CAT5 cables.

The AVY16-ES100 card offers full network and/or local control of all channel assignments, as well as constant network status monitoring, making it ideal for live professional audio applications.

Via the RS232 port, external third-party equipment can be connected to any other third-party device using virtual tunneling or to an EtherSound compliant application located on a remote PC. In addition, a MIDI connection available through the mini-YGDAI interface enables control of the Yamaha device, again via a third party application located on a remote PC.

Yamaha AVY16-ES100 Features:
• 128 channels, 24 bit, 48 kHz or 44 kHz audio transmission over Ethernet
• 16 YGDAI output channels can be dynamically “extracted” from any of the 64 EtherSound downstream channels or from any of the 64 upstream channels when the bidirectional mode is active
• 16 YGDAI input channels can be dynamically “inserted” to any of the 64 EtherSound downstream channels or to any of the 64 upstream channels when the bidirectional mode is active
• AuviTran's ESMonitor, a Windows Vista/XP application running on a remote PC connected to the EtherSound network, allows automatic discovery of AVY16-ES100 cards; monitors connection & disconnection status for all cards; controls the individual cards' parameters; and allows local assignment of any YGDAI input or output to the required EtherSound channel
• 2 x ES100 ports allow the daisy-chaining of multiple AVY16-ES100 cards or other third party EtherSound devices
• RS232 serial port allows 3rd-party data connection through the EtherSound network using virtual data tunneling or data exchange from/to a remote PC
• Internal MIDI port located in the mini-YGDAI card enables remote control of the Yamaha device via a third-party PC application

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