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Yamaha DUGAN-MY16

Automatic Mixing Controller Card


Yamaha DUGAN-MY16
With this card, cueing mistakes and late fade-ups are a thing of the past. Click here to get a quote.

The Yamaha Dugan-MY16 is a 16-channel automatic mixing controller that plugs into a slot on Yamaha consoles that lets you manage multiple live mics without continually riding individual faders. The Dugan-MY16 automatically detects the active mics and makes fast, transparent cross-fades without the distracting sonic artifacts common to noise gates. It tracks unscripted dialog perfectly and maintains consistent system gain for up to 16 open mics.

Yamaha Dugan-MY16 Features:
• Eliminates late upcuts
• Reduces PA feedback and studio noise
• Remote control via internal Web server
• Units may be linked with other Dugan-MY16 cards or other Dugans for up to 8 units
• Supports 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 kHz sample rates

Yamaha DUGAN-MY16 Figure 1

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