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Yamaha MY8ADDA96-CA

8 Analog Inputs & 8 Analog Outputs Card


Offering 8 channels of analog input plus 8 channels of analog output in a single-slot card, the Yamaha MY8-ADDA96 has been specifically designed for use with Yamahas DME24N or DME64N Digital Mixing Engines, but is also an excellent I/O expansion choice for Yamaha digital mixing consoles. In addition to full 96 kHz support, the MY8-ADDA96 features Euroblock connectors for optimum reliability and connection ease in a wide variety of installations. Another advantage is low power consumption that allows up to four of these cards to be installed in one DME64N unit providing a total of 32 analog inputs and outputs without placing excessive power load on the system. And, of course, the MY8-ADDA96 employs high-performance A/D and D/A converters that deliver superior sound for any application.

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