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Aviom A360

Personal Mixer



The A360 Personal Mixer delivers an unparalleled level of control, performance, and fidelity to personal mixing. With more mix channels, powerful features, and the streamlined user interface Aviom Personal Mixers are known for, the A360 helps musicians hear better than ever before. It's compatible with all existing Aviom systems and can be used simultaneously with the A320 and/or A-16II Personal Mixers.

Main Features:
• Customizable channel selection from up to 64 channels
• 36-channel mix engine for up to 17 mono or stereo sources plus ambience
• Four Instant Mix Recall™ presets plus 16 standard presets
• Per-channel volume, reverb, tone, and Stereo Placement with independent pan and spread control
• One-Touch Ambience™ using network audio or the onboard mic
• Dual Profile Channel™ for each musician's favorite or most important channel
• USB for loading custom configurations
• Three-band master tone controls optimized for in-ear monitors
• 1/4" and 1/8" stereo mix out plus XLR mono mix out
• Support for Network Mix Back™ and A360 Display™

Audio Output:
• 1/4" TRS stereo, headphone or line level;
• 1/8" TRS stereo, headphone or line level;
• XLR balanced mono, line level
• Stereo Mix Outputs, Headphone/Line: Tip: Audio Left; Ring: Audio Right; Sleeve: Ground
• Mono Mix Output: Pin 2: Hot, Pin 3: Cold; Pin 1: Ground
 • 1 A-Net In, EtherCon RJ45 connector;
 • Supports Pro16 and Pro16e
 • Supports Power Over A-Net
• Digital to Analog Conversion & Bit Depth: 44.1/48kHz, 24-bit
Stereo Operation:
 • Stereo Link, per channel pair;
 • Set at the input module;
 • Variable pan per mono channel or pan/spread per stereo channel pair
• USB Storage: Save/load mix configuration data and mixer presets; Firmware updates Requires USB compliant mass storage device, formatted for PC
• Headphone Output: 1.0 watt at 100 ohms (Line/Headphone output)
• Output Impedance: 32 ohms
• Frequency Response: 2-22kHz +0.2dB/-3dB
• THD+N: < 0.003%
• Signal to Noise (unweighted): -106dB (measured with zero data into all channels)
• Latency: <0.880 msec (measured from analog input to analog output)
• Pro16e A-Net: Use unshielded Cat-5e UTP (or better) cable; Maximum 400 ft (122 m) between devices;
Power Supply:( External, DC, universal switching type)
 • Input Voltage: 100-240 volts, 50/60Hz
 • Output Voltage: 24 VDC, 0.5 amp
 • Plug Size: 2 mm
• Dimensions: 11" (279.4 mm) wide x 6.9" (175.26 mm) deep; 1.835" (46.61 mm) high
• Weight: 3.4 lb (1.54 kg)

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