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Tascam MZ-223

Triple Output Zone Mixer


powerful multi-channel, multi-zone mixer housed in a compact 2U desgn, The TASCAM MZ-223 offers versatile multi-zone audio routing, mixing, and segregation of several audio sources simultaneously. Source content can include music, spoken word (microphone), phonograph, and more and are easily controlled via familiar sliders and assignment controls on the front panel. Designed for easy integration in virtually any system, the TASCAM MZ-223 is ideal for small format install applications such as moderate sized hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms, schools, or any situation that demands independently routed audio.

Main Features:
• Easy operation and routing via familiar volume sliders, toggle switches/buttons, and knobs
• Three independent Zone outputs with stereo XLR balanced and unbalanced RCA-type connectors per channel
• Five separate input channels, each with two sets of stereo RCA-type inputs
• Two additional mic-compatible XLR inputs on the front panel
• All audio can be mixed or segregated per channel, and routed to the three separate Zones/outputs
• “Talkover” function automatically lowers other source content while microphones are in use
• Independent three-band EQ per output channel and per microphone input
• Compact 2U rack mount design

Audio inputs:
 MIC 1–2 INPUT (BALANCED) jacks:
  • Connectors: XLR-3-31 (1 GND, 2 HOT, 3 COLD) 6.3mm (1/4”) standard TRS jacks (Tip HOT, Ring COLD, Sleeve GND)
  • Input impedance: 33 kΩ
  • Nominal input level: -65 dBu (VOLUME knob at MAX)
  • Nominal input level -10 dBu (VOLUME knob at MIN)
  • Gain range: 55 dB
  • Connectors: RCA pin jacks
  • Nominal input level: -10 dBV
  • Maximum input level: 10 dBV
  • Input impedance: 22 kΩ
Audio outputs:
  • Connectors: RCA pin jacks
  • Rated output level: -10 dBV
  • Maximum output level: 6 dBV
  • Output impedance: 200 Ω
  • Connectors: XLR-3-32 (1 GND, 2 HOT, 3 COLD)
  • Rated output level: 4 dBu
  • Maximum output level: 24 dBu
  • Output impedance: 200 Ω
  • Connectors: RCA pin jacks
  • Rated output level: -16 dBV
  • Maximum output level :0 dBV
  • Output impedance: 200 Ω
 PHONES jack:
  • Connectors: 6.3mm (1/4”) standard stereo jack
  • Maximum output: 50 mW + 50 mW (into 32 Ω load)
 Audio performance:
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz–20 kHz
  • Distortion: 0.03% or less
  • Crosstalk: 65 dB
 • Dedicated AC adapter (PS-M1524)
 • Input voltage: AC 100–240V ~, 50/60Hz
 • Output voltage: DC 15V
 • Output current: 2.4 A
 • Power consumption: 35 W
 • Dimensions: 482.0 (19”) × 88.0 (3 1/2”) × 93.2 mm ((3 5/8”) (width × height × depth, including protrusions)
 • Weight: 2.5kg (5.5 lb)
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