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Yamaha CL-5

32ch Digital Centralogic Mixing Console


Yamaha CL-5
Yamaha CL-5Yamaha CL-5Yamaha CL-5Yamaha CL-5 GUI
The pursuit of perfection is ongoing and will probably never end, but along the way Yamaha has introduced a number of innovations that have become industry standards offering performance and familiarity that discerning users continue to demand. By definition, "standards" are best kept as they are. With evolutionary refinements, of course.

Yamaha CL series digital mixing consoles represent a new level of refinement. They offer an evolved experience in accessible mixing, plus sonic purity with sound shaping capabilities that will give the most imaginative engineer unprecedented creative freedom. The CL series embodies the leading standards in live sound in their most advanced, most expressive form.

Yamaha CL-5 Figure 1Yamaha CL-5 Features:
• Input channels: 72 mono, 8 stereo.
• Fader configuration: 16-fader left section, 8-fader Centralogic section, 8-fader right section, 2-fader master section .
• CentraLogic User Interface
• Neve Portico 5033/5043 EQ and compressor devices with Yamaha VCM technology
• Seamlessly integrated remote control and offline editing via an Apple iPad or other computer
• Dante network audio protocol, allowing fast, efficient design and deployment of capable systems from the most basic to the dazzlingly complex. The ability to add Lake processing via expansion slots also adds to the system’s versatility and adaptability to the widest range of mixing needs.
• Up to Eight I/O Rack Units
Yamaha CL-5 Specifications:
• Sampling frequency rate Internal: 44.1kHz / 48kHz External: 44.1kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% ( ±200ppm), 48kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% ( ±200ppm)
• Signal delay: Less than 2.5ms, OMNI IN to OMNI OUT, Fs=48kHz
• Total harmonic distortion: Less than 0.05% 20Hz-20kHz@+4dBu into 600?, OMNI IN to OMNI OUT, Input Gain = Min. 
Frequency response: +0.5, -1.5dB 20Hz-20kHz, refer to +4dBu output @1kHz, OMNI IN to OMNI OUT
• Dynamic range: 112dB typ.: DA Converter / 108dB typ.: OMNI IN to OMNI OUT, Input Gain = Min.
• Crosstalk: -100dB*1, adjacent OMNI IN/OMNI OUT channels, Input Gain = Min.3
• Power requirements: US/Canada: 120V 60Hz, Japan: 100V 50/60Hz, China: 110-240V 50/60Hz, Korea: 220V 60Hz, Other: 110-240V 50/60Hz
• Power consumption: 170W: Internal Power Supply / 200W: Simultaneous use of Internal PSU and External PW800W
• Dimensions: Width: 648mm (25 5/8in) Height: 299mm (11 3/4in) Depth: 667mm (26 1/4in) Weight: 36kg (79.4lb)

Yamaha CL-5 Figure 2

Yamaha CL-5 Figure 3

Yamaha CL-5 Figure 4

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