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Arrakis MARC-PHN

Phone Input Module For MARC-15 Console


Arrakis MARC-PHN
Arrakis MARC-PHN Figure 1Phone module for the Arrakis MARC-15.

The MARC-15 supports two phone modules for two external hybrids. Each phone module (caller) has its own mix-minus bus that includes the other phone module (other caller). The convenient Offline button switches the module so that the caller hears the console mic only. When not in off-line mode, the caller mix-minus is fed from a mix of the three output buses (Pgm, Aud, & Utl). Relay isolated logic control of the external hybrid is actuated by the module's on-off buttons.

Main Features:
• Up to two phone modules per mainframe
• Each module controls a single external phone hybrid
• Relay isolated logic for control of an external phone hybrid
• Off-line button for caller and console operator only
• Mix-minus feed to the caller is a mix of Pgm-Aud-Utl
• Cue button for listening to the caller only
• LED illuminated switches

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