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Arrakis MARC-STL

Stereo Line Input Module For MARC-15 Console


Arrakis MARC-STL
Arrakis MARC-STL Figure 1The stereo line input module for the Arrakis MARC-15 features extremely low noise and distortion input amplifiers. The 'A' input has reed relay isolated start and stop logic for source control. The relay isolation reduces pops and clicks and ground loops. The 'A' input also supports complete remote studio control of channel on/off/cough/ and talkback for when external mic preamps are used.

Main Features:
• A/B inputs (two inputs per module)
• Front panel trimpot adjustment
• Active balanced input amplifiers
• 3 stereo output buses (Pgm, Aud, Utl)
• 'A' input machine source start and stop logic is relay isolated
• LED illuminated switches

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