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Arrakis MARC-STM

Studio Monitor Module For MARC-15 Console


Arrakis MARC-STM
Arrakis MARC-STM Figure 1The optional Studio Monitor module for the Arrakis MARC-15 is used to provide monitor and talkback functions between the control room (where the console resides) and a separate studio (usually a talk studio). The studio monitor feed is selected from an external input (usually Air) or the three main console buses (Pgm, Aud, Utl). If the studio is on air, Ext (Air) or Pgm will usually be selected. If the studio is being recorded for later playback, the the Aud or Utl buses would usually be selected.

The Talk to Studio button sends the control room mic to the muted monitor and unmuted headphone feeds that are fed to the studio. This enables the console operator to speak to the host and talent in the studio. The host and talent in the studio can talk back to the console operator by activating the talkback logic from their respective mic module, which feeds their mic to the console cue speaker and console headphones.

This module has stereo, active balanced audio outputs for a muted studio monitor feed and an unmuted earphone feed. External audio power amplifiers are required for both the studio monitor speakers and earphones. A studio muting logic output is provided for a studio on air light. This output is reed relay isolated (50 milliamps max) to remove a potential ground loop. The reed relay should be used to trigger another relay for powering the on air light.

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