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Arrakis MARC-USB

PC-USB Input Module For MARC-15 Console


Arrakis MARC-USB
Arrakis MARC-USB Figure 1The PC USB module for the Arrakis MARC-15 is ideal for interfacing the console with a Windows PC (XP or VISTA). Because the hardware is Windows compatible, both Arrakis software and 3rd party software (such as Adobe Audition) will recognize and play/record from the module. The Arrakis software is also controlled by the module channel on-off switches to start and stop the playlist just like a cart stack. Powerful Arrakis Xtreme software is supplied free with this module.

Main Features:
• Play & Record in digital with a Windows PC (XP or VISTA)
• USB sound card functionality built directly into the module
• Connects to the PC by USB
• Use Arrakis software (supplied) or any Windows sound compatible software
• Free Arrakis Xtreme Software
• Triple play and simultaneous record
• 500-event Cart Play list (with overlap)
• Play list is controlled by the channel on-off logic
• 300-event Jingle wall
• Phoner recorder-editor
• LED illuminated switches

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