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Audioarts OM55E

Spare Line Output Module for R55E Series Console


Audioarts OM55E
The OM-55E is the master output module for the Audioarts R55e console, handling the console's Program, Audition, and Mono/Mix-Minus outputs. All outputs are calibrated with recessed front panel multi-turn trimpots.

The module houses the master Cue LED. Whenever Cue is activated anywhere on the console this LED will illuminate and the CUE signal will automatically appear on the switched VU meter pair. When cue is de-activated, the switched meter pair goes back to its previously selected signal. The CUE master level control sets the level of the console's cue signal.

At the bottom of module are the timer control buttons (the timer display is mounted in the right hand end of the console meterbridge):
AUTO START: enables timer restart functions from programmed input modules' ON buttons.
START/STOP: halts the timer, holds the last count, and then restarts and accumulates the count when depressed again.
RESET: return to zero (if the timer is stopped it will hold at zero; if it is running it will reset to zero and immediately begin counting up).
HOLD: when held down freezes the timer display (the counter keeps on going); when released the display catches up to the current count.

All user wiring to and from the OM-55e module takes place at DB-25 and DB-9 multi-pin connectors mounted on top of the module and located underneath the hinged meterbridge. All analog audio is +4dBu balanced.

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