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Wheatstone LX-HP

Headphone Monitor Module for LX-24


Wheatstone LX-HP
This module is for Headphone monitor mix level control, Cue level control, Mix-Minus assignment, and Timer control.

SEND 2 Level Control
When an input channel is in SET mode, this knob controls the level of that channel into the SEND 2 mix. There is an associated LED indicator ring in the meterbridge to display this level. Pressing the knob turns the Send ON or OFF.

When an input channel is in SET mode, these buttons are used to assign that fader channel into the Mix Minus busses. The buttons stay lit to show the assignment. PAN Control for Input Channels When a fader channel is in SET mode, this control is used to pan the audio left - right in the stereo program busses. There is an associated LED indicator array in the meterbridge.

SET Control for Switched METERS
When pressed, places the switched meters into SET mode for source selection (available sources determined by visibility settings during setup).

CUE Level Control
Stereo level control for the meterbridge cue speakers. TIMER Controls Auto-restart, Start/Stop, Hold, and Restart. Auto-restart will stay lit when selected and allows VDIP selected input channels to restart the timer when turned ON. The UP arrow button is used to set the starting time for a countdown. The DOWN arrow button sets the timer to countdown mode.

100 mm long-throw professional fader sets the headphone monitor mix level.

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