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Audemat FM Monitor

FM QoS Monitoring and Facility Management Monitor


Audemat FM Monitor
AUDEMAT FM MONITOR (formerly known as GOLDENEAGLE FM) is a powerful and professional solution for FM monitoring at the transmitter site or in the coverage area.The unit sequentially monitors a set list of stations and continuously ensures that your FM network complies with both legislation and your expectations. The unit includes a complete set of tools which will alert you to any alarms that occur, perform real time analysis including audio and RDS streaming, and also allow you to remotely control your facilities with ScriptEasy and optional GPIO.

ScriptEasy is the revolutionary facility control software developed by WorldCast Systems to give users the power and flexibility to create “Smart” sites; ones that can automatically take action to correct any critical errors that affect operations. Featuring an intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), ScriptEasy incorporates GPIO functions, serial communications, logic operators, live user inputs, timers and more. This allows the site operations to be “scripted”, to allow evaluation of multiple parameters and even automatically engage backup systems, while simultaneously alerting relevant technical personnel.

The WorldCast Manager simplifies the management of all SNMP-enabled devices in a network, providing real-time status, historical data and visualization of multiple devices from a single screen. The intuitive and simple-to-use interface shows all devices located at your site(s) displaying product information, alerting you to any alarms and providing one-click access to the unit’s web-based control interface. The WorldCast Manager is compatible with all WorldCast Systems’ equipment as well as SNMP devices from ANY manufacturer.

Main Features:
• Track the real-time status of your signal 24/7/365
• 3 x RF receivers for simultaneous real-time operations (e.g.: user control + monitoring + recording)
• Monitoring of up to 40 FM programs
• Monitoring of signals (RF, MPX, Audio, Pilot, RDS), MPX Power and content (Audio, RDS)
• Automatic FM band scanning to detect any intrusion, variations or pirate transmissions
• Real time measurements and analysis with 1 month-history and export
• Audio and RDS remote streaming for the real 'listener experience'
• Instant notification of any out-of-tolerance condition by email, SMS, SNMP or voice message
• Monitoring of up to 10 SNMP devices
• ScriptEasy and MasterView for scripting, I/O configuration and customized visualization
• Full IP communication for access, configuration & control: Ethernet as standard with optional routers or modems

• RF Reception 3 independent FM receivers
• Frequency range 87.50 to 108.00 MHz
• Number of monitored FM stations Up to 40
• Monitored parameters RF level, RF intruder, MPX Power, Modulation level (MPX) , Audio level (L, R,),
• Stereo presence, Pilot level, Phase opposition, RDS (Sub-carrier level, RDS parameters, RDS content, BER)
• Real-time display RF Spectrum, MPX Spectrum, MPX Power and peak, RF measurements, RDS content
• RDS streaming Codes, AF list, Groups, TMC, RT+, ODA
• Audio streaming From 16kbps to 320kbps
• Audio recording 4 modes: Continuously, on alarm, on demand or scheduled
• Measurements history Standard: 1 month with export
• Event log Standard: 30.000 events
• Notification By SNMP, Email, SMS or Voice message
• RF input 3 – SMA type (delivered with splitter and BNC adapters)
• LAN ports 2 – 10/100/1000M Base-T RJ45 ports
• USB ports 4 – A type (can be used with RS232 or RS485 adapters)
• Communication Protocols TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SNMP, NTP, …
• Serial port 1 – RS232, configurable for console mode, modem or serial communication
• LED indicators RUN, HDD, Power, and 4 alarm indicators • LCD screen Alarms, measurements and configuration
• Advanced scripting capabilities With ScriptEasy application
• Customized web pages MasterView web interface
• SNMP concentrator 10 devices possible per default (more as option)
• Monitoring of 3rd party devices With ScriptEasy drivers (RS232/RS485) or IP
• Telemetry boards Optional: relays, status and metering inputs
• Physical Specification
• External Dimensions (W / L / H) 483 mm (19’’) x 88.5 (2U) x 345 mm (13 ½“)
• Weight ≈ 6 kg – 13 ½ lbs
• Main Power Supply 100-250 VAC / 50-60 Hz
• Power Consumption Max: 60 W (with telemetry) @ 230 VAC
• Optimal Performance Temperatures +5°C - +45°C
• Guaranteed Working Temperatures 0°C - +50°C
• Storage Temperatures -20°C - +70°C
• Humidity 10-95% non-condensing relative humidity

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