Audemat FM Monitor Silver
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Audemat FM Monitor Silver

Silver Series FM Signal Monitor (TF00964)


Audemat FM Monitor Silver
AUDEMAT FM MONITOR (formerly known as Goldeneagle FM) is a powerful and professional solution for FM monitoring at the transmitter site or in the coverage area. The unit sequentially monitors a set list of stations and continuously ensures that your FM network complies with both legislation and your expectations.

The AUDEMAT FM MONITOR (formerly known as Goldeneagle FM) offers several highly innovative features such as multi-channel monitoring (up to 40 programs), audio streaming and recording, RDS streaming, automatic scanning, audiomarking decoding and remote control GPIOs (General Purpose Inputs/Outputs).

SIGNAL MONITORING The RF demodulator browses sequentially and automatically all the stations configured in the list. A status page gives an overview of all monitored stations and for each station, a list of all current alarms. For each channel, the user can customize the parameters which can trigger alarms via a modern and intuitive interface:
• RF level
• MPX level
• Pilot level
• Stereo presence
• Left & Right Audio levels
• RDS presence and level

RDS data In addition to its monitoring role, the AUDEMAT FM MONITOR (formerly known as Goldeneagle FM) also offers remote measurement features (real-time and recorded). All values captured during the monitoring process are stored in the unit for 30 days, offering the possibility to display historical analysis of data in graphic form. Data can also be exported in csv format. The AUDEMAT FM MONITOR also offers real-time remote measurement, focusing the receiver on a selected station. It is possible to stream RDS data for any selected station and receive information such as:

• General RDS information
• List of AFs
• Group sequence
• Percentage of received groups
• Hexa group
• ASCII groups
• Radio paging

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