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Broadcast Devices TMP100

Temperature Sensor Used with SWP Series Products


The TMP-100 provides accurate temperature monitoring of anything you wish to monitor. Examples of use are; ambient room temperature, transmitter, combiners, or transmission line temperatures. The TMP-100 connects directly to our SWP series products providing another additional function, and confidence.

Can be operated over the temperature range -50°C to +150°C

• 200°C Temperature Span
•Accuracy Better Than ±2% of Full Scale
•Linearity Better Than ±1% of Full Scale
• Temperature Coefficient of 22.5 mV/°C
• Output proportional to temperature x V+
•Single-supply Operation
• Reverse Voltage Protection
• Minimal Self Heating
• High Level, Low Impedance Output
• Standard supplied cable length 25 feet

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