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Delta Electronics DTCA10HV

*Digital RF Ammeter


The DTCA Digital RF Ammeter series includes a wide variety of operating current ranges and current transformer conductor voltage ratings which are uniquely defined in the model designation system. Standard current ranges are 0.1 to 10A, 0.2 to 20A, 0.4 to 40A, 0.8 to 80A and 1.6 to 160A. Each of these five current ranges are available with current transformer conductor voltage ratings of 10 kV, 20 kV and 42.4 kV.

The suffix "HV" appended to any of the DTCA series model numbers specifies that the current transformer supplied with the meter is the high voltage type rated for operation at conductor voltages as high as 28 kV peak (20 kVRMS). The transformer provides a 3.38" diameter clearance hole for the antenna conductor. A 0.75 to 1.0" diameter tubular conductor centered in the clearance hole provides maximum voltage capability. Corona rings which increase the voltage rating by approximately 5% are available as a factory installed option.

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