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RFEngineers WD-1

WatchDog - AM / FM / NOAA Weather receiver and RDS decoder


RFEngineers WD-1
RFEngineers WD-1RFEngineers WD-1RFEngineers WD-1
The Watch Dog is a truly versatile FM / AM / NOAA Weather receiver, real-time RDS decoder, and configurable alarm system. Designed with Broadcast Radio and 24x7x365 operation in mind, the Watch Dog receiver contains a 32-bit microprocessor and Software-Defined Radio (SDR) receiver core running on top of an industrial standard Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). Now with Class AB balanced audio / StudioHub+ and Class AB single-ended audio output as standard features. Fully configurable monitoring and alarm system notifies you of signal problems immediately, either via front panel LEDs and/or rear panel open-collector outputs. Modular and swappable audio section means future expansion capabilities, including our planned AES3 audio output module. Programmable API / easy automation means that the Watch Dog can be used to fulfill a variety of needs and can be used in a variety of roles.

Main Features:
• The Watch Dog now comes standard with Balanced Class AB audio output via StudioHub+ connector AND still has the existing Single-Ended Class AB audio output via phone jack connector. Both have independent volume controls.
• A modular audio section, which can be swapped out for future audio output types -- we already have an optional AES3 audio output module in the works
• Per customer requests, we moved the antenna / RF input connector to the rear of the radio
• Stereo / left+right audio meters -- previously, we only had a single "Audio activity" meter
• Improved reliability and scaling of our audio metering
• Tuner covers AM, FM, and NOAA Weather bands
• Real-time RSSI, SNR, RDS, Pilot, and audio silence monitoring and alarms
• Decoded RDS data available in real-time over USB port
• All alarms configurable as both LED and open-collector outputs
• 1,050 Hz detection and alarm output
• Programmed through USB port using any computer
• All settings safely stored in EEPROM memory
• Automatically returns to stored settings after power interruption
• Tamper-proof tuning: Stays on programmed frequency
• Compact metal case allows for installation in tight locations
• Includes mounting bar
• Optional DIN Rail Mounting Clip
• Optional external Alarm Board provides dry-contact relay closures
• Antenna input: BNC connector
• Power input: Mini USB connector (cable & power supply included)
• Audio output: Single-ended via 3.5mm stereo phone jack
• Warranty: One year

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