RFEngineers WD-1
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RFEngineers WD-1

Watch Dog - AM / FM / NOAA Weather receiver and RDS decoder


The Watch Dog (WD1) is the newest addition to RFEngineers' product line. It is a professional AM / FM / NOAA Weather receiver and RDS decoder perfect for EAS or Confidence monitoring service. It simultaneously tracks RSS, SNR, Audio, RDS, Pilot, and NOAA 1,050 Hz for presence/validity. User-definable alarm states are displayed on front-panel LEDs and/or activate open-collector alarm outputs. Parameter status is visible in real-time using the free Windows-based Watch Dog Dashboard. Complete control is also possible via any terminal program using the included Serial USB interface. Settings stored in EEPROM and automatically returns to stored settings after power interruption.

Main Features:
• Tuner covers AM, FM, and NOAA Weather bands
• Real-time RSSI, SNR, RDS, Pilot, and audio silence monitoring and alarms
• Decoded RDS data available in real-time over USB port
• All alarms configurable as both LED and open-collector outputs
• 1,050 Hz detection and alarm output
• Programmed through USB port using any computer
• All settings safely stored in EEPROM memory
• Automatically returns to stored settings after power interruption
• Tamper-proof tuning: Stays on programmed frequency
• Compact metal case allows for installation in tight locations
• Includes mounting bar
• Optional DIN Rail Mounting Clip
• Optional external Alarm Board provides dry-contact relay closures
• Antenna input: BNC connector
• Power input: Mini USB connector (cable & power supply included)
• Audio output: Single-ended via 3.5mm stereo phone jack
• Warranty: One year

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