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Arrakis MLC-010

90 - 95 Pop Xtreme Music Library


Arrakis MLC-010 Figure 1Arrakis Master Library Collection of 1990-1995 Pop (approximately 876 songs) on DVD-R disc for Arrakis automation products.

Ripping, processing, compressing, and setting data on music is time consuming and expensive. And because today's rippers and compressors are so much better than just a few years ago, Arrakis has completely remastered its radio library collection to make your life easier and your sound better.

Please Note: All libraries are solely intended for either call letter radio stations or Internet based stations registered with Sound Exchange.

Arrakis Master Library Collection Features:
• Completely re-mastered in 2010 for today's players
• Recorded as MP3s at 256kbps for professional audio quality
• Silence has been trimmed from the front and back of the audio files
• Audio level has been 'Normalized' to maximum level for consistent playback
• Audio files have been named in Digilink-Xtreme format so they are ready to use
• The 'Intro time to Voice' and segue 'EOM' times have been set on each file for overlaps

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