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Digigram VX881E

8 In/8 Digital AES I/O Card


Digigram VX881E
The Digigram VX881E PCI Express linear sound card offers 4 stereo digital inputs and 4 stereo digital outputs with high resolution audio quality to handle demanding applications in broadcast such as production, on-air, and logging.

Digigram VX881E Features:

• 4/4 Stereo Digital I/O
• Up to 24-bit/192 kHz
• Comprehensive set of Windows drivers: Digigram np, WDM DirectSound (digitally signed by Microsoft), Wave, ASIO
• High-quality hardware sample rate converters
• Compact design that fits in small PCs

Digigram VX881E Specifications:

• Bus/Format: PCI Express X1 (compatible with X1,X2, X4, X8, X12, X16, X32 slots)
• Size: 167.7 mm x 106.7 mm x 17.1 mm
• Digital Signal Processor and RAM: Motorola 56321 at 240 MHz, 512 kWords

• Digital inputs (stereo): 4 AES/EBU with hw Sample Rate Converters, 7.5:1 to 1:8, up to 192 kHz
• Programmable input gain: Digital
• PCM recording (encoding): 8, 16 or 24 bits
• Other inputs: AES/EBU Sync (up to 192 kHz), Word clock (up to 96 kHz), LTC, Video
• AES11 synchronization: Yes

• Digital outputs (stereo): 4 AES/EBU, up to 192 kHz
• Programmable output gain: Digital
• Other outputs: Wordclock, interboard sync

• External connector: 68-pin HD SCSI
• Internal connectors: Inter-board Sync
• Digigram accessories available: XLR breakout cable, 2 RU rack-mount breakout box with Neutrik connectors

Developmental Environments And On-Board Processing:
• Supported OS: Windows XP and Windows Vista
• Management: np SDK, Wave, ASIO, DirectSound (all: PCM only)
• Main on-board processing features (with np SDK): PCM play, rec, direct monitoring, real-time mixing, level adjustment, panning, cross-fade, punch-in/punch-out, scrubbing, frequency conversions, DigiQMAX 3-band parametric EQ and maximizer

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