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32-channel PCIe Card


The RME HDSPe AIO is a versatile PCI Express audio interface that offers an all-in-one solution for most every application. This advanced-input-output interface boasts the latest 192 kHz AD- and DA-converters, with more than 112 dB signal to noise ratio. All inputs and outputs are simultaneously operational, even SPDIF (phono) and AES/EBU (XLR). You can also add more high-quality analog inputs and outputs with optional expansion boards.

The RME HDSPe AIO also features TotalMix, the flexible routing mixer, and SteadyClock, RME's state-of-the-art clock technology with maximum jitter suppression of external clock signals. HDSPe AIO also supports the optional TCO for synchronization to timecode (LTC/video).

RME HDSPe AIO Features:
• Balanced* stereo analog in- and output, 24-bit/192kHz, > 112 dB SNR
• Optional analog expansion boards with 4 balanced in- or outputs
• All analog I/Os capable of 192 kHz, constant number of available channels
• 1 ADAT digital I/O, supporting 192 kHz via S/MUX4 operation
• 1 SPDIF digital I/O, 192 kHz-capable
• 1 AES/EBU digital I/O, 192 kHz-capable
• 1 Stereo headphone output, separate DA-converter and playback device
• Up to 18 inputs and 20 outputs can be used simultaneously
• 1 MIDI I/O with 16 channels of hi-speed MIDI via breakout cable
• DIGICheck, RME's unique metering and analyzing tool
• TotalMix: 760 channel Mixer with 42 bit internal resolution
• Native PCI Express - no PCI to PCI Express bridge used
• Includes SteadyClock, RME's own clock technology, combining professional features like maximum jitter suppression at full varipitch capabilities and software controlled sample rates
• Included software: DIGICheck for Windows: Spectral Analyzer, professional level meter for 2, 8, or 20 channels, Vector Audio Scope, various other audio analysis tools
• Drivers: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/64 (full ASIO multi-client operation of WDM, GSIF 2.0 and ASIO 2.0), Mac OS X Intel (Core Audio and Core MIDI)

* The HDSPe AIO ships in a basic version with analog RCA/phono breakout cables (headphone: TRS jack). Therefore all analog I/Os are unbalanced. An analog XLR breakout cable is available as option (headphone: Neutrik TRS locking jack), turning analog into balanced mode.

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