BSW VPS Solo - Visual Podcast Studio
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BSW VPS Solo - Visual Podcast Studio

Visual Podcast Studio - Solo


BSW VPS Solo - Visual Podcast Studio
BSW VPS Solo - Visual Podcast StudioMICMATEPROpic2.JPGMXL_bcd1pkg.jpgMXLCV502.JPG
For centuries, podcasters have had to endure set ups with multiple hurdles to accomplish one thing, video and audio harmony, online. Podcasters, Vloggers, listen up!

BSW has partnered with MXL microphones and HDVmixer, to bring you, just that. VPS - Visual Podcast Station. Bringing together all of your needs for a professional sounding and looking broadcast that will attract listeners, and increase downloads.

VPS Solo Includes:
• MXL BCD-1 Microphone
• MXL BCD-1 Boom Arm w/ cable
• MXL MicMate Pro USB Interface
• MXL/Marshall CV-502-U3 Camera
• MXL/Marshall CVM-5 Desktop Camera Stand
• Marshall CV-4706 Lens
• MXL HUB, powered USB 3.0 Hub
• HDVmixer One Video Switching/Streaming Software w/ 1 year license**

**HDVmixer requires annual license fee - Click here for HDV-ONE yearly License info 

Main Features:
• Perfect for Podcasters, Vloggers!
• Studio solution, but also great on the go!
• Broadcast quality audio with MXL's BCD-1 Dynamic microphones
• Simple to hook up!
• Features HDVmixers HDV One Video Software
• Simultaneous Youtube Live + Facebook Live + Hard Drive Recording
• Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media posts overlay
• Video Call/Skype recorder
• Screen grabber: share pictures, pre-recorded videos, web browser
• 3 video sources: 1 USB Camera, Video Call and Screen Grabber
• Supports custom graphics
• Video encoder. Configurable resolution/bitrate up to maximum Facebook Live quality

System/Computer Requirements for HDV-ONE:
• PC/Laptop with Intel i7 processor or above
• Windows 7/10
• NVidia GeForce GTX 750 graphics card or above
*HDV-ONE ships as a USB from manufacturer

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