Windtech POPGARD
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Windtech POPGARD

*Microphone Pop Filter


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The WindTech PopGard Model 2000 offers excellent protection against plosive sounds in side address microphones. Its hydrophobic design helps prevent moisture from reaching the microphone element while remaining acoustically transparent.

Weighing less than one ounce, the PopGard is easy to clean and attaches in seconds (using lightweight elastic bands) to most side address microphones from 1.8" to 2.7" (46mm to 68mm) in diameter. This mounting method lets the PopGard move with the microphone without constant adjustment.

WindTech PopGard Features:
• Stops plosive breath sounds
• Acoustically transparent
• Moves with the microphone, no need for clamps or goosenecks
• Lightweight, weighs less than one ounce
• Hydrophobic design helps stop moisture
• Easy to clean surface
• Attaches in seconds using lightweight elastic bands
• Fits most microphones from 1.8" to 2.7" (46mm to 68mm) in diameter
• Also fits other mics such as AKG C214, C414, Cascade Ribbon Series, Fat Head, Gomez, Nady RSM-4, RSM-5

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