Roland R-26
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Roland R-26

3-Way MIC Portable Recorder


The Roland R-26 portable recorder features two types of built-in stereo microphones (directional and omnidirectional), a pair of XLR/TRS combo inputs for external mics, and an input for a stereo plug-in powered mic. You can choose simultaneous combinations of the built-in mics, as well as the external inputs for ultimate recording flexibility. This unique multi-stereo mic recording system lets you capture a wide stereo soundfield without spoiling the vibrant low frequencies and ambience of the venue.

The R-26 boasts Roland's latest DSP engine, which allows simultaneous recording of up to six channels (three stereo channels). A large LCD touchscreen display lets you directly navigate menus for customizing the microphone settings, editing waveforms, and so on. It also gives you large input-level knobs for making precise adjustments.

You can connect the R-26 to your computer via USB for use as an audio interface or for external storage. Use the R-26 in combination with the bundled SONAR LE software app to perform recording and detailed editing on your PC.

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Roland R-26 Features:
• Two types of built-in stereo microphones (omnidirectional and directional) that can be used in various combinations
• Two XLR/TRS combo inputs with 48 V phantom power, plus an input for a stereo plug-in powered mic
• Supports up to six channels (three stereo channels) of simultaneous recording
• Large LCD touchscreen display for intuitive navigation
• Large input-level knobs for fine adjustment
• Built-in Hi-Speed USB interface for use as an audio interface or external storage
• Loop-Back function; combine this with the built-in or external mics for the optimum live video streaming setup (only with Audio Interface function)
• Bundled with SONAR LE software (PC)

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