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2U 2-Ch 800 W @ 4 ohms Power Amp


The New CMXa Series is an economical and  rugged power amplifier designed to meet the  needs of system integrators. It is based upon the proven, rock-solid, reliable performance found in the award winning RMX Series. The CMXa feature sets are designed for wide-ranging application in facilities such as performance halls, houses of worship, sports clubs, gymnasiums, dance venues, pubs, and FGM/BGM systems. The CMXa Series provides unmatched performance, the right power for the job and an affordable price point.

The amplifier output sections feature rugged class AB and class H architecture depending on power level. Efficient class H output sections on the CMX 800Va and CMX 2000Va reduce AC current draw and cut down on waste heat.

The CMXa amplifiers deliver true and accurate studio-quality sound. A full complementary output circuit using high-grade linear output devices generates accurate, flat-frequency response with low distortion. SMT (Surface Mount Technology) triples small-signal component density, enabling high power output in a 2 rack unit chassis (3 RU for the CMX 2000Va). Unlike other designs, CMXa output devices are directly mounted to the heat sink for optimum thermal coupling and cooling.

Main Features:
• “Flex-Use” loading options allow you to drive low-impedance loads down to 2 ohms and certain models to drive 70 and 100V distributed loudspeaker systems
• “Flex-Use” Input connectivity choices including actively balanced barrier strip, XLR, or ¼" TRS
• “Flex-Use” Output connectivity choices include NL4 Speakon™ and detachable terminal block
• Rack mountable with chassis less than 16" or 40.6 mm deep
• 1 dB recessed, detented gain controls for fast, accurate and repeatable settings
• Tamper-proof security cover for gain controls
• Recessed rear DIP switches for easy selection of stereo, parallel, or bridged mode operation, and the additional choice of enabling/disabling low frequency filter protection
• Low-noise variable-speed fans with rear-to-front airflow keep amplifiers and racks cool

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