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Rolls PA202

Stereo 20w Class D Amplifier


The Rolls PA202 is a compact class D amplifier offering 20 watts per channel stereo and 40 watts when in bridge/mono mode. The class D low heat design gives the PA202 the ability to be mounted in very tight applications. It will work great in ceilings by projectors, or anywhere small and heat-free amplification is required. The PA202 boasts an all-metal chassis and weighs just one pound. Overall dimension are 6" X 3.5" X 1.5". Bottom mounts are provided for permanent installations.

Rolls PA202 Features:
• 20W per channel
• Compact size with mounting tabs
• Balanced and unbalanced inputs
• Phoenix type input and output
• Optical Limiter for maximum clean power output
• Bridge switch for 40W mono operation

Rolls PA202 Specifications:
• Line Input Impedance: 47K Ohms
• Power Output: 20 Watts X 2
• Voltage Gain: 32 dB
• Maximum Supply Voltage: 30 VDC
• THD: .05% typical
• EIN: 3 mV
• Efficiency: 85%
• Input Sensitivity: 28 mV
• Bandwidth: 20Hz - 25 kHz

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