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Yamaha PC6501N

650 Watts/Channel Power AMP - Networkable


High power, exceptional clarity, and cutting-edge networking capability – Yamaha's PC-1N series is the new standard of professional power amplifiers. The PC6501N delivers 650W/channel of stereo power into 8 ohms (1860W bridged). With excellent linear power characteristics and refined hardware designs, PC-1N series amplifiers deliver the quality, performance, reliability, and sound demanded by today's professionals. Their specs tell you a lot but your ears will tell you more. Extensive testing and feedback on the physical design results in a more musical sound through greater audio depth and detail. The PC-1N amplifiers feature an exceptionally stable power supply, and provide thorough cancellation of physical vibrations with specially designed mounting for clear, accurate sound. The high power and high damping factor results in a remarkably tight and crisp sound – full and rich, as well as detailed and accurate.

The PC-1N series adopts a newly designed switching regulator that delivers the ideal power supply to the amplifier. It ensures a more stable and balanced supply of voltage and current, and eliminates fluctuations in output level. The result is clear, accurate sound with high reliability in a lightweight, power-saving package. The PC-1N series also utilizes Yamaha's advanced proprietary EEEngine technology. EEEngine cuts power consumption by a full 50% in comparison with conventional power amplifiers, yet without the slightest sacrifice in sound quality. The independent high-speed voltage buffer gives quick response, and the addition of new MOSFET circuitry to the buffer makes the PC-1N series twice as efficient as normal power amps.

If you take the cover off the PC-1N amplifier, the first thing you notice is the amazingly clean and symmetrical layout. This is due in great part to the innovations of the new switching regulator and EEEngine technology. For example, circuit boards prone to high heat generation have been fitted to either sides of the amp with large heat sinks and low-noise variable-speed cooling fans. This arrangement also absorbs vibration noise, further contributing to the amazing sonic clarity and quick response. What's more, the PC9501N has two separate Power Supplies, ensuring optimum separation of the right and left channels.

The PC-1N series has nine-segment LED level meters – giving you instant easy-to-read indication of signal levels and clipping, even in dark, dimly lit conditions. These amps also feature an extensive power protection system designed to prevent damage to the amplifier circuitry and your connected speakers. Power-on muting disables the speaker outputs for a full ten seconds when the power is turned on. If distortion in the output signal exceeds 1%, the red CLIP indicator lights and the limiter is automatically put in operation. When DC voltage protection is enabled, the PROTECTION indicator lights, and if heat sink temperature goes above 85°C, the TEMP lamp goes on. For temperatures greater than 90°C, thermal protection automatically shuts down the system. The POWER/STAND-BY indicator does double duty: Green indicates that power is on, while orange indicates a “stand-by” command from the connected external control unit. Moreover, the REMOTE LED on the rear panel lights when control signals are received from an external device connected to the DATA port.

The connectors and terminals on the rear panel let you use the PC-1N power amplifiers with the widest possible range of systems and equipment. For the inputs, both balanced XLR and Euro-block terminals are provided for quick, easy connection. On the output side, five-way heavy-duty binding-post terminals and the special Speakon connectors ensure solid, reliable speaker connections. The amplifiers are also equipped with a built-in highpass subsonic filter that effectively cuts off all unnecessary low frequencies below 20 Hz.

The PC-1N series is truly a system in every sense of the word. After all, the "N" in the name stands for "network" – and these amps are specifically made for networking. Advanced, state-of-the-art interfacing and software control makes it possible to set up large, comprehensive amplifier/speaker systems and control them all from a single computer. The optional ACU16-C Amp Control Unit and NetworkAmp Manager software for Window instantaneously relay and handle a variety of crucial data concerning the connected amplifiers and speakers through the network, utilizing the DATA ports on each connected unit. With just a single ACU16-C, you can control up to thirty-two separate PC-1N series amplifiers. By adding the optional NHB32-C Network Hub/Bridge, you can monitor and control the entire system via CobraNet connections – and even use the ACU16-C as a high-quality 24-bit DA converter.

• Excellent linear power with low distortion
• New generation EEEngine technology delivers extraordinary power efficiency
• Reliable rugged design with 2U size and ultra light weight (less than 13kg)
• Dual heat sinks and dual variable-speed fans for constant operation
• Networking capability available with ACU16-C and NHB32-C via Cobranet™
• Input/output connectivity via XLR, Euro-Block, and Speakon™ connectors
• 31-step detented level controls for precision calibration
• 10-point LED meters for precision monitoring
• Security cover to prevent tampering
• 18-7/8" x 3-3/8" x 17-15/16"; 27.6 lbs.

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