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Furman M8DX

Power Conditioner


The fully loaded Furman M-8Dx rackmount power conditioner fits in the top slot of your rack and provides eight switched rear panel outlets to protect your equipment up to a 15-amp load. It features two slide out, swiveling light fixtures with dimmer knob to provide discreet illumination of your equipment and a bright red, three-digit LED voltmeter that displays incoming voltage.

Instrument Rigs You've got a rack for your effects, preamps, tune. You're going to plug that into the wall? One big spike and your rig is up in smoke. Furman's standard level surge/spike protection defends your gear from the spikes and surges that are so common at gigs and practice spots. With Furman's standard level RFI/EMI filtration, you'll get a quieter tone without pops, crackles, and the local radio station coming out of your amp. Plus, dual pull-out lamps let you see your rack without turning the house lights on, while the digital voltmeter lets you monitor incoming voltage.

Recording: Can't track down where that noise is coming from? Your mix sounding flat? With Furman's standard level RFI/EMI filtration you'll lower the noise floor caused by the dirty AC power coming into your console or DAW. Furman's standard level surge and spike protection keeps your sensitive digital equipment from acting funny or burning up due to everyday spikes and surges. You can even monitor voltage changes, as the digital meter allows you to keep an eye on the incoming line voltage. With a 15A capacity and nine total outlets, it's enough to power your whole home studio.

DJ Equipment: Bars, clubs and other event venues have some of the worst power out there, from air compressors turning on and off to light shows pulling current loads up and down, the AC power can be a strain on the circuits in your rig. Furman's standard level protection and filtration keeps the bad stuff out. The dual pull-out front panel lights also let you discreetly see your board and gear without distracting from the show on the dance floor.

Pro Audio: When you're out there gigging, you never know what kind of power you're going to get. The wear and tear on mobile rigs eventually takes it toll - that's why it's smart to plug into Furman's standard level protection and RFI/EMI filtration. It keeps your equipment safe and sounding clean. It keeps your equipment safe and sounding clean, while the digital voltmeter lets you monitor incoming voltage. Whether you're setting up a show at the local club or powering up the church band for their next service, make sure you give them power they can trust.

Furman M-8Dx Features:
• AC noise filtering to reduce radio frequency and electromagnetic interference (RFI/EMI)
• Spike & surge protection ensures equipment stays safe and your power stays clean
• 8 rear panel outlets and 1 front panel convenience outlet
• 15-amp rating, with circuit breaker
• Front panel indicator LED lets you know that your equipment is being protected
• Rear outlets spaced to accommodate even the bulkiest of wall warts and adapters
• Two retractable incandescent light fixtures with dimmer control for convenient rack illumination
• Digital voltmeter displays incoming line voltage

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