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Juice Goose CAT6-5POE

CAT5 protector


Juice Goose CAT6-5POE
The Juice Goose CAT6-5POE protects CAT5, PoE and CAT6 applications from internally generated transients. Featuring silicone avalanche diode (SAD) protection componentry, it's an ideal choice to protect expensive equipment against surges and transients entering a building on exposed transmission lines.

The CAT6-5POE is available with either female-to-female or male-to-female RJ-45 connectors. Please specify when ordering.

Juice Goose CAT6-5POE Features:
• Exceeds CAT5 and CAT6 transmission values
• CAT 5 PoE compatible
• CAT 6 compatible
• Applications up to 60 VDC @ 300mA

Juice Goose CAT6-5POE Specifications:
• Mode of Protection: Normal mode (L-L), all lines (1-8) protected
• Insertion Loss: <.1 dB
• Certified Transmission Speeds: 10baseT, 100baseT, 1000baseT
• Peak Surge Energy: 300 Watts
• Response Time: <1ns
• DC Breakover Voltage: 65 VDC (all lines)
• Dimensions (Inches): 2.3 x 1.0 x .8

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