Juice Goose CX06-M
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Juice Goose CX06-M

IN-LINE coax protection with ground


The Juice Goose CX06-M is a single Coax Surge Protective Device (SPD) featuring three-stage hybrid technology. It addresses overvoltage transients with a primary gas discharge tube (GDT) and a secondary silicon avalanche diode (SAD). Solid-state resettable fuses (PTCs) offer sneak/fault current protection.

The CX06-M is designed in accordance with NFPA 780 (2004 edition) requirements, with up to 20kA of surge current capability.

Juice Goose CX06-M Specifications:
• Operating Voltage: 5V
• Clamping Voltage: 6V
• Frequency Range: 0 to 20 MHz
• Operating Current: 0.15A
• SPD Topology: 2-Port Series
• SPD Technology: GDT, SAD with Series PTC
• Modes of Protection: Signal to ground
• Peak Surge Current: 20kA
• Insertion Loss: < 0.1 dB at 20 MHz
• VSWR: < 1.2
• Operating Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing
• Operating Temperature: -40 C to +85 C
• Input Connection Type: BNC, 50/75 Ohm
• Output Connection Type: BNC, 50/75 Ohm
• Mounting: Flange
• Enclosure Type: Metal
• Dimensions (Inches): 1.5H x 1.0W x 3.25L
• Weight: 2.3 oz.
• Certifications: UL497B, ISO9001:2000
• Warranty: 5-year

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