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Juice Goose JG-II-20A

Rack Power Power Distributor 20 amps, 11 outlets


Juice Goose JG-II-20A
Juice Goose JG-II-20AJuice Goose JG-II-20A

Power and Convenience For higher current applications, the JG11.0-20A has a  amp circuit breaker, switch, wiring and power cord - all the features required for heavier commercial and industrial applications. Note: The NEMA 5-20P plug connects only to a 20 amp rated receptacle.

This very economical package has 11 AC receptacles with one unswitched on each the front and back. In addition to a 20 amp capacity the JG 11-20A has a front mounted circuit breaker and a 15 foot long power cord to use in difficult to reach applications.

The JG 11-20A carries the ETL safety certification mark from Intertek.

JG SERIES (For Basic Requirements):
The JG Series family of power and light modules includes six high quality, economical models that are valuable accessories for any rack-mounted system. The switched outlets on the back of each unit provide power while the discreet components inside provide a basic level of protection to help clean up dirty and dangerous AC voltage.

The Basic power conditioning includes a fast-acting metal oxide varistor (MOV) installed to clamp voltage spikes running between the incoming line and neutral leads. This level of conditioning also includes a capacitor to reduce the level of AC line interference that may be transmitted between the line and neutral leads.

• INPUT VOLTAGE 120vac, 60 Hz
• TECHNICAL CURRENT CAPACITY 12 or 16 Amps (80% of circuit breaker rating)
• CURRENT OVERLOAD PROTECTION Circuit Breaker, 15 or 20 Amp, Thermal on Front
• DIMENSIONS (inches) 1.75H x 19W x 7D
• WEIGHT (lbs) 5.5
• POWER CORD 20 AMP 14.75 Foot 12/3 SJT with NEMA 5-20 Plug
• 15 AMP 14.75 Foot 14/3 SJT with NEMA 5-15 Plug
• POWER OUTPUT RECEPTACLES Eleven NEMA 5-15, 15 Amp Rating Each
• AC LINE FILTRATION Line Capacitor (Line & Neutral)
• VOLTAGE SPIKE PROTECTION Metal Oxide Varistor (Line & Neutral)

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