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Juice Goose RJA-45

Analog line RJ surge protector


Juice Goose RJA-45
The Juice Goose RJA-45 telephone/data line protector offers state-of-the-art UHS (Ultra High Speed) RJ connected surge protection for analog lines. It addresses over-voltage transients with Silicon Breakover devices, while mitigating sneak and fault currents with solid-state resettable fuses (PTCs). Its voltage clamp is set for C. O. trunks and analog telephone extensions.

The RJA-45 features a single line in and out and offers SAD+PTC protection with less than one nanosecond response time. Mounting to a flat surface, it connects to a building approved ground.

The RJA-45 is intended for indoor use only and should be employed on the equipment side of a listed primary telephone protector.

Note: The image shows the similar RJD-45.

Juice Goose RJA-45 Features:
• Patent-pending UHS technology
• Fastest industry trip time
• Silicon breakover technology
• Solid-state resettable fuses (PTCs)
• Low capacitance
• L-L and L-G protection
• CAN/CSA C22.2, # 226-92 compliant
• UL 497A listed
• 2 pair or 4 pair protection

Juice Goose RJA-45 Specifications:
• Connector Type: RJ-45
• Pins Protected: 1 - 8
• Maximum Peak Signal Voltage: 220
• DC Breakover Voltage: 280
• Surge Current: 200A (T-G)+(R-G)
• Typ Cap (pf): 100
• Maximum Cont. Current: 150ma
• Nominal Series Resistance: 5 Ohms
• Response time: < 1 ns

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