Juice Goose RM-CAT6-8POE
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Juice Goose RM-CAT6-8POE

8 channel RJ45 data protector


The RM-CAT6-8PoE is an 8-channel high-speed data line protector that utilizes a three-stage hybrid design technology to address high-energy voltage transients that can damage expensive computer equipment.

Ideal for network switches and hubs, it can be easily mounted in close proximity to the protected equipment. Moveable mounting brackets let you install it in an equipment rack or on a flat surface, such as a wall.

Its three-stage hybrid protection grid includes gas discharge tubes (GDT), silicone avalanche diodes (SAD) and temperature sensitive resettable fuses (PTC). It meets power-over-Ethernet requirements with an operating range up to 57 volts and a protection initiation point of 68 volts.
The RM-CAT6-PoE is available in four models with 8, 16, 24 or 48 data line channels (this is the 8-channel model). Each channel has an in and out port.

Please note that the 48-channel version is shown.

Juice Goose RM-CAT6-8PoE Features:
• 8 channels (expandable up to 48 protected channels)
• Certified Category 6 transmission values
• Replaceable surge modules
• Dust covers for unused module compartments
• EMI shielded enclosure
• Meets Power over Ethernet requirements
• Three-stage hybrid
• Pass-through modules available

Juice Goose RM-CAT6-8PoE Specifications:
• Operating Voltage: 57 Volts
• Breakover Voltage: 68 Volts
• Operating Current: .15 Amps per pin
• Insertion Loss: <.1 dB
• SPD Technology: GDT, SAD, Series PTC
• SPC Topology: 2-Port Series
• Modes of Protection: All 8 pins protected; signal high-low, high-ground and low-ground
• Peak Surge Current: 10kA @ 8x20us
• Input/Output Connectors: RJ-45
• Transmission Speed: 10baseT, 100baseT, 1000baseT
• Operating Temperature: -40° C to + 45° C
• Operating Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing
• Response Time: <1ns
• Enclosure Type: Aluminum, conductive chromate finish
• Mounting: Rack mounting
• Dimensions (Inches): 1.75H (1U) x 19W x 6.25
• Certifications: ISO 9001:2000
• Warranty: 5-year

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