Transtector 1000-1188-4
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Transtector 1000-1188-4

Quad Box Housing Surge Protection

BSW PART: 1000-1188-4

Transtector 1000-1188-4
The Transtector DXR (Digital Exchange Rack Protector) is ideal for applications that require protection for T1/E1, 10/100BT and 1000BT. The Quad box housing kit provides an empty chassis that can be populated with a variety of signal protection cards ranging from 10/100BT to Gigabit Ethernet. Click here to get a quote.

Transtector DXR Quad Box Housing Kit (1000-1188-4) Features:
• Modular, reconfigurable, cross connect surge protector for T1/E1, Ethernet GbE and DS3 multi-protocol installations
• Fused for power cross events
• Leadless, non-degrading silicon diode technology
• Front panel accessible
• Panel, wall or rack mountable
• DS3 live monitoring
• Protects up to four protocols in one unit
• UL 497A

Transtector DXR Quad Box Housing Kit (1000-1188-4) Specifications:
• Mount Type: Wall or 19" rack mount
• Receptacle: 14-gauge aluminum
• Standards: UL 497A NEC 800.100 and 830.100
• Connector: Module Specific
• Data Rate: Module Specific
• Other Features: Designed to be mounted to almost any type of panel surface
• Weight (Pounds): 0.7
• Weight (Kilograms): 0.3
• Dimensions (Inches): 3.3 x 5.5 x 3.7
• Dimensions (cm): 8.4 x 13.9 x 9.4

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