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Powerclamp HP200-1-TX

120/240 Voltage, 1 Split Phase


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Series 200 wire-in PARALLEL TVSS devices are ideally suited for radio and TV broadcast transmitter sites, network studio complexes, server farms, and other mission-critical facilities. They are rated at 200,000 surge amps per phase, and will suppress lightning induced transients, massive high energy surges, and power line spikes. POWERCLAMP Series 200 units prevent power surges from damaging transmitters, studio equipment, computers and other sensitive equipment. Their superior surge suppression will greatly reduce system failures especially in equipment that uses switching power supplies. Operation is not affected by the power requirements of the load. Each line phase is fused, with a fuse status LED. An unlikely failure will not interrupt power to the load. The Series 200 offers a Remote Status option to monitor the suppression integrity of the device from a remote location. A Series 200 unit should be installed at the main entry electrical panel in any location where uncompromised surge protection is essential. The UL-listed enclosure is rated for indoor or outdoor installation.

Main Features:
• 200,000 Surge Amps Per Phase
• Single/split and 3 phase WYE versions
• 1-2 Nanosecond response time
• Parallel wire-in design
• Sine Wave tracking 
• Fault Indicating LEDs 
• Voltage Reactive
• Outdoor approved
• Non-degrading 
• UL Listed enclosure, NEMA 4X rated 
• Low Clamping Level 
• IP65/66/67 rated
• Maintenance Free 
• 5 Year Warranty 
• High Energy Dissipation

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