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Powerclamp HP80-3

Voltage Surge Suppressor, 120/208 Voltage, 3 WYE Phase


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Highly effective surge suppressors by Sine Control Technology Inc. significantly reduce or eliminate equipment damage caused by AC power line spikes and surges. PowerClamp “clamps” line voltage to within a few volts of the AC sine wave, Sine Wave Tracking maintains this margin even if voltages rises or falls. Parallel fail-safe installation prevents insertion loss or power interruption. Ideal for broadcast transmitters, STL relays, and studios. Available for 120/240v single/split phase, 120/208v and 277/480v 3-phase WYE, 240v and 480v 3-phase DELTA. All units are fused; the Remote Status option will provide remote indication of a blown fuse. The new Series 80 and Series 200 units are supplied in NEMA-rated enclosures suitable for outdoor or indoor installation. Thousands of PowerClamp units have been in use worldwide since 1978.

Main Features:
• 80,000 Surge Amps Per Mode
• 2-10 V Clamp Level
• 1-2 nS Response
• Parallel Wire-in
• High Energy Dissipation
• Maintenance Free
• Sine wave tracking
• Simple Installation
• Fault Indicating LEDs
• Enclosure UL #E194432
• Full Voltage Range
• NEMA 1,2,3, 4X encl.
• Voltage Reactive
• Outdoor rated
• 5 Year Warranty
• Moisture Proof

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