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Focusrite ISAONE

Single Channel Mic-Pre with Flight Case


ISA One is a single-channel mic preamp boasting classic topology from Focusrite's legendary ISA110 module, with a line input (XLR and TRS) and an independent D.I. channel for blending signals. It also offers dedicated gain control, active or passive impedance switch, a TRS output for routing to an amp and an independent XLR output on the rear.

Other useful features include a variable impedance circuit that lets you switch between four input impedance settings, phantom power, phase reverse, a high pass filter, independent input metering and a headphone out with dedicated volume control.

Main Features:
• ISA series transformer-based pre-amplifier encased in a rugged and portable chassis
• Flexible independent D.I. channel
• Phantom power
• High pass filter
• Switchable impedance
• Rugged custom flight case
• Headphone output with volume control
• Dedicated insert point
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 8.66" x 4.1" x 11.4"

Analog Channel Inputs:
• Mic input: XLR x 1
• Line input: XLR x 1 and TRS x1
• Instrument input TRS Jack: XLR x 1
• External ADC input: TRS Jack x 1
• Return: TRS Jack x 1

Analog Channel Outputs:
• Send: TRS Jack x 1
• Balanced line output: XLR x 1
• DI output: XLR x 1
• DI through: TS Jack x 1

Analog Channel Additional I/O:
• Cue mix left input: TRS Jack x 1
• Cue mix right input: TRS Jack x 1
• Headphones output: 1/4" TRS Jack x 1

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